Alexander Nagralian


Alexander Nagralian was born in 1938 in Moscow. His photographic career begins in 1962 with the publication in the army newspaper Wings of Victory. In 1964–1968, Nagralian studies at VGIK at the operator’s department. After graduating from photography courses at the House of Journalists, he begins to work in the Literary Gazette and also collaborates with the newspapers Pravda, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Evening Moscow, Literaturnaya Gazeta.

In 1968, the photographer was recommended to Dmitry Baltermants, one of the leading photographers in the USSR, who worked in the Ogonek magazine, and Nagralian became the magazine's photo correspondent. For nearly a quarter of a century of work in Ogonyok, Alexander Nagralian shot over one hundred covers for the magazine. He created portraits of famous contemporaries - Elena Obraztsova, Muslim Magomayev, Rudolf Nureyev, Sofia Gubaidullina, Svetlana Savitskaya, Marshal Budyonny, and ordinary people - peasants, teachers, doctors. Last shot Nagralian for the "light" took place during the August 1991 coup.

During more than forty years of work, his photographs were published in the newspapers Pravda, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Evening Moscow, Literary Gazette, Sovetsky Sport, Ogonek and other magazines. In 2014 he published his photo album "Living History". Alexander Nagralyan - participant and laureate of many domestic and foreign exhibitions, including the personal exhibition “Instant history. Portraits of contemporaries ", which was held in the Moscow House of Nationalities in 1990. His works are often included in the large exhibitions and projects of the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography.