Antanas Sutkus

Antanas Sutkus (b. 1939)

Antanas Sutkus is the “father” of Lithuanian photography, the founder of the Lithuanian Photo Art Society, who played a huge role in the international recognition of the Lithuanian school of photography, and has won many awards and titles. His creative style is distinguished by psychologism, restrained expression, and the accuracy of social characteristics. The author’s works are expressive and well recognizable.

Sutkus was born in the village of Kluoniskiai, Kaunas region of Lithuania, on June 27, 1939. From 1958 to 1964 studied journalism at Vilnius State University. In the period from 1959 to 1969 he worked as a photojournalist in the weekly newspaper Literatūra ir menas (Literature and Art) and in the journal Tarybinė moteris (Soviet Woman). In 1968, the photographer initiates the Lithuanian Photo Art Society, for five years from the moment of the foundation he was the chairman of the organization committee of the Society. From 1980 to 1989 he was the chairman of the Company.

Over the entire photographic career, Sutkus has had more than two hundred personal exhibitions in Lithuania, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, the USA, Brazil, and other countries. In 2001-2002, he received a scholarship from the Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation (Sweden) for "Documentation and conservation of the Antanas Sutkus photo archive." In 2009, the Antanas Sutkus Photographic Archive was established.

The most important series

“People of Lithuania” (1959 - present), “Lithuania from a Bird's Eye” (1973-1980), “Meetings with Bulgaria” (1972-1979), “Lithuanians of the world” (1991-1994), “Nostalgia for bare feet” (1959-1979), "Pro memoria: dedicated to the living martyrs of the Kaunas ghetto" (1994-1997),"Past times" (1999).

Awards and titles

1980 - Honored Worker of Culture of Lithuania

1985 - Laureate of the State Prize of Lithuania

1993 - Honorary Member of the Lithuanian Photographic Art Union

1997 - Order of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas 4th degree

1998 - Laureate of the Prize in the field of art, established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

2003 - Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize in the field of culture and art

2006 - awarded the Golden Cross by the President of the Polish Republic

2015 - awarded the Order of Arts and Literature by the Ministry of Culture of France

Works are in collections

Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia, Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers, Vilnius, Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius, Museum of Photography in Siauliai, Bibliotheque Nationale, French Museum of Photography, Paris, Photography Museum, Helsinki, International Center of Photography, New York, Institute of Arts, Chicago, Art Museum, Minneapolis, Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Brandts Museum of Photographic Art (Museet for Fotokunst), Odense (Denmark), Museum of Modern Art (ModernaMuseet), Sweden, etc.