Howard Schatz

(b. 1940)

American photographer Howard Schatz received recognition for his portrait work, as well as for photographs created in a variety of genres, including dance, sports, and underwater photography. His success in photography was preceded by a brilliant academic career as a retina specialist. Turning his hobby - photography - into his main profession and passion, he took a lot from his early professional experience, which taught him to carefully look at the person and find an approach to everyone.
Shatz brilliantly succeed in different roles. In the role of a scientist, he examines in detail the structure and physical structure of the body, showing the beauty of the viewer. In the role of the artist, he draws patterns of light and color on the bodies. Finally, in the portrait series, he acts as a director, creating scenes and creating subtle conditions for interaction, both with famous actors and with people who in other circumstances would hardly like to face the lens.
In the photographs of Schatz one can find references to various photographic practices and works of famous authors from Robert Mapplethorpe to Greg Gorman and Gien Miles. At the same time, his photographs themselves become unmistakably recognizable in the modern world of numerous images. Thanks to the large formats that the author chooses for his works, the viewer gets the opportunity to relate himself to image and see the details usually inaccessible to our view.
Schatz has many prestigious awards, among them - “Photographer of the Year, 2018” (FotoFusion), “One Eye land Awards” - a gold medal for a photographic book of the year “Schatz Images: 25 Years” (2015), gold medal (Rivne Photobiennale) (2010), “Lucie Awards” (International Photography) (2008), “Grand Prize” (Trierenberg Super Circuit) (2007) and many others.
His works are exhibited around the world and are part of numerous private collections and museums, including the International Center of Photography in New York, Museum Auckland and Musee de l'Elysee. In addition, photos of Schatz were published in numerous magazines, including Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and on the covers of TIME, Sports Illustrated, US News World Report and GQ Italia.