Mark Markov-Grinberg

Born in 1907 in Rostov-on-Don.<br>
1925, Photojournalist at Soviet South newspaper, worked for Ogonyok magazine<br>
1926, Moved to Moscow, began working for Smena magazine<br>
1930, Photojournalist for Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS), in 1931 moved to Soyuzphoto, his works were published in USSR Under Construction magazine. <br>
1934, Made his famous reportage about miner Nikita Izotov <br>
1939-1940, War correspondent, Winter War<br>
1941-1942, Signaller, World War II  <br>
1943-1946, Photojournalist at Slovo boitsa newspaper  <br>
1946-1953, Photojournalist at Illustrated newspaper of the Red Army <br>
1953-1957, Photojournalist for the  All-Russia Exhibition Centre<br>
1957-1973, Correspondent at Club and amateur art magazine <br>
Markov-Grinberg’s works were featured in exhibitions in Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Jugoslavia, Singapore, Hungary, Romania, Poland and other countries.