Mikhail Trakhman

Born in 1918 in Moscow.
As a teenager studied at the photography club led by Arkady Shaikhet. In 1938 Mikhail Trakhman accompanied Arkady Shaikhet on the trip to the Central Asia, where he learned the basics of photography.
In the late 30s Trakhman took the cinematography courses and started to work as a photojournalist for Moscow newspapers.
1939, Served in the Soviet armed forces during the Winter War
1941, War correspondent for Red Star newspaper
1942-1945, War correspondent for news agency Soviet Information Bureau, was honoured with the Order of the Red Star, the Medal “For the Defense of Leningrad” and the Medal “Partisan of the Patriotic War”
1946-1949, Photojournalist at Ogonyok magazine
1949-1957, Photojournalist at All-Russia Exhibition Centre
1957-1959, Photojournalist at Soviet screen magazine
1959-1976, Photojournalist at Literturnaya gazeta newspaper