Vladimir Stepanov


Vladimir Stepanov was born in 1940 in Moscow. He begins to shoot in the late 1950s, in 1957 several amateur photographs of Stepanov were printed in “Evening Moscow”, and then he began working with the Soviet Photo magazine. If in the 1950s Soviet photojournalism was still based on staging and strict censorship, then the new generation of photographers, to which Stepanov belonged, sought to get away from the accepted rules. Soon this possibility appears, along with the political context the visual canon changes, finally transforming as early as the 1960s. Among other things, the magazine “Czech Photo” appeared on the shelves, which became a kind of textbook for many young photographers.
The main theme of the photographs of Vladimir Stepanov initially becomes his native city. A young photographer walks through the streets and boulevards, looks into the courtyards and shoots the life of the city and its inhabitants. Thanks to his photographs, we still have documentary evidence of Moscow, which is no longer there. In 1962, Vladimir Stepanov participates in the exhibition “Our Youth”, which took place in Gorky Park and became an important event among young people and domestic photo reporters. Valery Gende-Rote, a photographer and editor of “Soviet Photo”, drew attention to Stepanov. In 1963, together with him and Yevgeny Kassin, they brought this exhibition to Prague, where Stepanov also takes a great deal of enthusiasm. His photos are published on the covers of the magazine "Soviet Photo", "Evening Moscow" and other publications. In the same 1963, he entered the VGIK camera department and with this time, his main profession is working in film. In 1967 he began working as a cameraman and director at the film studio of the USSR Ministry of Defense. And since 1976, he became a cameraman for the Creative Association "Ekran".