(b. 1951)

Wendy Paton became interested in photography in the early 1980s. At that moment, she was at the peak of her successful career as an equestrian coach and rider in New York, and photography gradually became her second business. She studied at the International Center for Photography in New York (ICP), studied the features of night shooting under the guidance of Michael Kenn, and hand-printed techniques under the guidance of Chuck Kelton, whom she considers to be her mentor and soul mate. Night shooting was the main theme for Wendy Paton. Intrigued by the ever-changing nature of the human personality and individuality, she prefers to photograph at night when, it seems to her, people feel freer, allow themselves to be what they want, try on the desired images, or, on the contrary, become themselves.
Wendy Paton is still shooting on a film camera. Her series of black and white night portraits were not immediately known. For the first time “Visage de Nuit” were shown in 2009 at the “Clues To Identity” exhibition at the International Center for Photography, in the Rita Hillman Gallery. The first solo exhibition of Paton in New York was held in March 2010 in the gallery Sous Les Etoiles. In Europe, the Paton series was first shown in January 2011 at the “American Portraits” exhibition in Cologne Focus Gallery. After that, her work was replenished with many open and private collections in the USA and Europe.
Paton's photos are award-winning, including the top Editors choice award (2009) for a photo of “Clignancourt madame” from the “Visages de Nuit” series. Wendy Paton's photographs are represented by Sous Les Etoiles galleries in New York, Focus in Cologne and the Lumiere Brothers Photo Gallery in Moscow.