ALEXANDER RODCHENKO. From the Still Art Foundation Collection

From January 24th to April 5th 2020

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography presents an exhibition of photographs by the outstanding Russian avant-garde artist Alexander Rodchenko from the collection of the Still Art Foundation, established by Elena and Mikhail Karisalov.

Alexander Rodchenko. The poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1924

The exhibition will include Rodchenko’s works of different years, from the first photographic experiments of the 1920s to the end of the 1930s. The exhibition will feature portraits of Rodchenko’s friends—artists, architects, poets, writers, filmmakers, employees of the magazines LEF and Novyi LEF, including the familiar portrait of Lily Brik, which was used in the advertising poster for the Leningrad Department of Gosizdat (State Publishing House), several photographs of Vladimir Mayakovsky from the first photoshoot in Rodchenko’s studio on Myasnitskaya Street (1924), and the famous photograph of Osip Brik, where one of the lenses in his spectacles is replaced by the LEF logo. The exhibition will also include family portraits: Rodchenko’s mother, his wife Varvara Stepanova and daughter Varvara Rodchenko, architectural shoots and photo reports: the legendary Balconies (1925), Fire Escape (1925), Stairs (1929), as well as Pioneer with a Trumpet (1930) and Pioneer Girl (1930).