From ABBA to ZAPPA. Seventies Rock Photography. Gijsbert Hanekroot

23.10.2013 – 8.12. 2013

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is pleased to present solo exhibition of musical photographer Gijsbert Hanekroot From ABBA to ZAPPA. Seventies Rock Photography that will take place in the Big Hall of the center.

Elton John, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1973

The seventies. Hectic, exciting, creative. It was a golden age of rock music and time when Dutch photographer Gijsbert Hanekroot devoted himself to the music and photography. Working with magazines such as OOR, Nieuwe Revu, Margriet, and Viva, he has attended hundreds of performances and filmed numerous interviews. His concert shots, bright and expressive, captured the most powerful moments of the show. Hanekroot shot Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart, John Lennon and Keith Richards, David Bowie and Blondie, Bob Marley, Joe Cocker and Miles Davis. Spending a lot of time with people, whose songs have been sung by millions, Gijsbert tried to look deeper than the stage image and to capture not only a star, but a person. That is why his portraits are so natural and intimate, relaxed and sincere.

Gijsbert Hanekroot’s Abba...Zappa Seventies Rock Photography was published in 2008 and includes more than 300 photographs of rock stars of the 1970s. The book has become a definitive guide for rock music history. Gijsbert Hanekroot will attend the opening of his first solo exhibition in Moscow to present the book along with a signing session.

Hanekroot’s exhibitions have been held in Amsterdam, Leiden and Rotterdam and his prints are presented in galleries in Amsterdam and Paris. The Moscow exhibition features around 100 photographs including 20 unique vintage prints made in the 1970s.