Moscow Of Naum Granovsky 1920-1980

From September 4th to October 31st 2020

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography and the Still Art Foundation present the anniversary exhibition of Moscow’s main architectural photographer, Naum Granovsky, to mark the photographer’s 110th birthday. The opening of the exhibition, the publication of a new monograph Naum Granovsky 1920-1980 and the launch of the Naum Granovsky Foundation website will be a gift from the Lumiere Center for Photography and Still Art Foundation to Moscow residents on Moscow’s City Day.

Naum Granovsky. Pigeons on Red Square. To Lenin. 1950s

The new exhibition of Naum Granovsky’s work is a large retrospective project that combines famous photographs of old Moscow from the 20s and the Stalin era, as well as lesser-known works created by Granovsky during the period of Soviet modernism. More than a hundred of Granovsky’s works presented at the exhibition will show how the capital changed and how Soviet architecture developed over the course of sixty years. This will allow viewers not only to remember the forgotten pages in the city’s history, but also appreciate what we are losing today. The exhibition will be presented in two halls of the Center for Photography: the first part of the project will consist of original prints from the Lumiere Gallery collection, the second part will include previously unseen photos of the era of Soviet modernist architecture of the 50s-80s.