Shigeru Yoshida. Calm Wayfaring

16.07.2014 - 21.09. 2014

The Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography presents an exhibition of a Japanese photographer Shigeru Yoshida. The exhibition encompasses 22 black–and-white photographs, made in the unique «Fresco Giclée» technique. The artist will open the exhibition and hold a lecture.

Border 10, 2011

Shigeru Yoshida is a new name for a traditional perception of Japanese culture in Russia. The artist has begun his career with “Big tree in the world” series. Photographs from the series were made mostly in Africa, as well as in Madagascar, Taiwan, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Shigeru Yoshida had numerous exhibitions in Japan and the USA; he was also invited to join the Japan Professional Photographers Society.

After disaster in Japan in 2011, Shigeru started working on “Borders” series. The artist’s inner experiences are reflected in his works, where he explores the sacred value of water, which in the Japanese culture signifies time of life and bonds between human beings and nature.

In Japanese landscape photography, as well as in engraving, there is a strong influence of Zen philosophy. The artist believes that relations with nature are related to a prayer. Shigeru Yoshida said, “In Japan we pray not only to God, but also to nature. We express gratitude and respect for everything that surrounds us. As for me, I’m trying to show the hidden force of prayer in my photographs.”

The method of making his black-and-white photos is as fine and delicate as the process of producing Japanese calligraphy . The artist’s unique technique, called “Fresco Giclée”, creates inimitable charm of Schigeru’s photographs.