Vladimir Antoshchenkov. St. Petersburg. Urban Classic

11.07.2012– 16.09. 2012

Vladimir Antoshchenkov’s solo exhibition St.Petersburg. Urban Classic in The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is an important event in Moscow’s art scene. The best photographer among the architects (that`s how we should actually call Antoshchenkov) is a stranger in the capital. Either Moscow doesn’t draw an eye of the perfectionist urbanist, or just the artist’s hometown still remains a source of photographic inspiration. Nevertheless, the number of books and albums, which were published one by one in the last 10 years, (“Unserious Petersburg”, “Inimitable Petersburg”, “The Courtyards of Petersburg”, “The life of sculpture in the city”, “Wintry Petersburg”, “Poems and Photographs”, etc.), and exhibitions held all over the country, is really impressive.

Procession, 1992

Antoshchenkov began studying photography in 1974. His first Leningrad series was shown at the photo exhibition in the House of Architects. Nowadays, the famous photographer continues working as a Chairman of the City Planning Department of Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He lectures on architectural composition, history of town planning and architectural analysis.

St. Petersburg. Urban Classic is the third part of our long-run project, dedicated to the St. Petersburg art photography. First of all, it is an attempt to show the way architecture and urban studies change the artist`s view. It also gives space for laughter in dry and reserved urban photography. These two things – professional gaze of urbanist and overt love and admiration to the city – form the unique artist’s style. Antoshchenkov keeps a diary of the urban environment: he captures the rhythm of massive columns , patterns of the Summer Garden lattice, vibration of old downpipes and windows twinkling in dark courtyard, notices the dialogue between graceful sculptures and construction cranes.

The exhibition features the best works from different series created from the 1980s till now.